Delaware County PEACE Collaborative | Safe Dates
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Safe Dates

Safe Dates
(4 days)

Grades 6-12 (ages 12-18)
Curriculum adjusted to grade level and audience

Safe Dates is an evidenced based prevention program designed to create and maintain positive outcomes for youth regarding healthy relationships. Key themes of Safe Dates are healthy and unhealthy relationships, bodily autonomy, consent, coercion and bystander intervention. Which helps teens recognize the difference between caring, supportive, healthy relationships and controlling, manipulative, abusive relationships. 

The participants of Safe Dates are middle school students sixth through eighth grade and range in gender and cultural backgrounds.

Program goals: (1) Strengthen youth knowledge and ability to engage in healthy relationships (2) Change cultural attitudes in the community regarding violence (3) Decrease incidents of youth partner violence (4) Build leadership among student participants.

Safe Dates is typically administered in health classes in 4 sessions during a school week. Safe Dates covers HB19.

Safe Dates is funded by: The Ohio Department of Health,  Family Violence Prevention Act Funding and the Delaware-Morrow Mental Health Recovery Board.

For information on these programs contact the Violence Prevention Program Manager at Helpline – Amy Hawthorne